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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Just care for dry skin and make yourself beautiful

Applying eyeliner is one of the most preferred ways to emphasize a woman's eyes. No matter whether you will use liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner you can easily define your eyes and create a classy look. Although most of the women prefer to use pencil eyeliner as it is much easier for them, the liquid eyeliner is also a great choice for the rest of the women. Before you decide you buy liquid eyeliner you should know that it can be very difficult to apply it flawlessly at first as it needs a lot of practice and patience.
What are the benefits of applying liquid eyeliners?
frame and defines the eyes
give a longer lasting line
Dry skin does not only look unappealing, it also feels tight and uncomfortable. Moreover, dry skin is predisposed to premature aging wrinkles, dry patches, redness and rosacea. It has a parched look, and in heavier cases it is characterized by chapping and cracking. We offer some basic tips on how to care for dry skin, but first we must see what causes this condition.
In general, dry skin has low moist levels, which might be a result of several causes
Oil glands don't produce enough sebum, hence the hydrolipidic protective layer is thin or missing. This causes the skin to dehydrate, chap and flake.
Aggressive environmental factors such as wind, air-conditioning, extreme temperatures, as well as chemicals and cosmetics make normal skin dry, and dry skin's bad condition -even worse.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Some Tips of Retarding The Formation Of Wrinkles?

Aging is a hard fact of life, and howsoever hard we may try its going to catch up on all of us. But there sure are ways to retard the aging process of the skin, and keep looking younger for longer.
With aging the topmost layer of the skin called epidermis, starts becoming thinner and less elastic.This phenomenon is mainly attributed to the collapsing collagen structure, which lends structure to the skin tissues. Also the epidermal skin forming the outer later of skin begins to decrease as we age, and the skin looses its ability to repair and regenerate these cells.
 All this, leads to the formation of fine lines, which soon turn into prominent wrinkles.Besides the epidermis, the underlying middle layer of skin called dermal also begins deteriorating, thus worsening the problem of wrinkles.

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